You’re  at a crossroad in your life!

You  know that this life you’re living is not want you want, but you don’t know how to change it!

You  have just ended a relationship, career or made a big move and now what!

You are ready to claim your own power, because you know you can if you know how!

Does this sound like you?

Knowing your numbers is like having a map of your life. However, maps simply serve to show us direction but will not do the traveling for you.  There will be road choices to make as well as obstacles and unforeseen occurrences but it is up to you, the driver, to make the necessary changes, shifts, and decisions to succeed in your voyage to your destination.

It’s time to schedule a call for your numerology reading

843 427-4227


Your goals are:

  • to become a leader instead of the worker
  • achieve self confidence
  • create  wealth
  • start a business
  • get in tuned with your own power
  • Fall in love with yourself your money your partner your career

Together we’ll create an inspiring action plan so you can:

  • break patterns of thought and behavior that no longer work
  • realize that money can be yours
  • you can manage your time and get it all done
  • learn to  follow the plan that will give you all you want

I am ready to listen…my name is Stefanie Campione and I am YOUR Numerologist Life Coach. To learn more about me click here.



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